Volvo Tool 9997329 & 9997317 Equivalent to R&R the R.E.A.D. / READ Timing Gear


Volvo Special Tool 9997329 / 999 7329 / 999-7329 Equivalent & 9997317 / 999 7317 / 999-7317 & Equivalent. These tools are required to R and R the Timing Gear on the R.E.A.D. These are 2 of the tools needed to disassemble the Volvo / Jaguar / Land Rover R.E.A.D. The Volvo part number is 9997329 & 9997317. Volvo calls them counterholds. etoolCart currently has the original tool listed for $447.00 and $723.00 on their site. You will save over $700.00 buying these and not the OEM tools. The tools from Volvo are quite often not available for several weeks. Please note the tools for sale here are not the original Volvo tools. These tools were produced by me as a more economical alternative. I have assembled and tested each one.

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